Out of Providence, Rhode Island, four-piece alternative pop punk band Silence The Radio are premiering the music video for their latest single, “Sad Love Story”, out since December 12th 2017.

Silence the Radio

A direct follow up to their new EP, “Friendly Neighborhood Nightmares,” the theatrical song is the second music video released for the record cycle. It is a beautiful, yet dramatic, visual continuation of the EP’s lead single “Friendly Neighborhood Nightmares”. About the track, the band states:

Sad Love Story is the most powerful, emotionally charged song we’ve developed as a band. What started as a voice memo on a broken cell phone ended up being the track that brought us together as songwriters.

Paying tribute to the mid 2000s alternative scene, “Sad Love Story” is the kind of song we could only develop working together, implementing everyone’s individual strong points. A booming chorus, beautiful strings and a theatrical sound, this is a track that you’ll sing along to.

Coming together in early 2015, Silence the Radio was formed as a counteract to the metal and easycore scene of Providence, RI. Wanting to revive and revamp the timeless sounds of mid 2000s pop punk and alternative music, Jack Petit, Brandon Teh and Josh Nardine began the writing process for their debut EP “If It Helps You See”. Not long after, the band teamed up with Chris Piquette of No Boundaries Studios to complete the recording process of their hard hitting first album.

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