Introducing the post-hardcore band Young, Planetary

Haven’t done an interview for a few weeks now and I have to admit that I really missed it, haha. Today, and thanks to Trevor, I’m introducing you to the post-hardcore band Young, Planetary. Learn more about their EP ‘I Am the Night and You’re the Sunrise‘ below!

Young Planetary

Hey guys. Thanks for taking time to answer a few questions for WHTYB! Could you please introduce your band to my readers? What’s the story behind your band’s name? Young, Planetary actually got its start as a solo project when one of our singers was in between bands a few years ago. As the story goes, he watched an interview with Dallas Green in which Dallas was talking about where the name, “City and Colour,” came from.

In the interview Dallas said that when people would ask him how to spell his name, he would respond with, “it’s like the city and the colour.” So, when it came time for Dallas to strike out on his own post-Alexisonfire, he adopted City and Colour as his new moniker and hit the ground running.

Our singer thought that was genius, so he came up with a pseudonym of his own. Even though he was solo at the time, he never wanted to be a singer-songwriter, and thus, never wanted to just go by his first and last name. So, since he has always felt exceptionally young at heart, and has always been obsessed with space, the name Young, Planetary was born.

You dropped your EP ‘I Am the Night and You’re the Sunrise’ back in June. Can you tell us more about it? Which of the new songs were you most excited for people to hear? Any particular reason? That particular EP is interesting because it was meant to honestly be a sampler of what’s to come and what our band is capable of as a whole. There are a lot of different genres and sounds at play on that record, and we wanted to push our sound as far as we could over the course of those four songs.

But, the one that stands out the most to us is, “Teeth Fall Out.” It’s the first song that our second vocalist, Emily, got to sing the entirety of, and her melodies just really drive the whole production home. She absolutely slaughtered that track and we are looking forward to incorporating her more and more, especially on the record we are working on currently.

Along with the release of Daybreak’s unofficial music video, you recently stated on your page that you had new announcements to come soon. Can you tell us more about it? Well, we have been in the studio off and on for the last few months. We are toiling away on our second LP that we couldn’t be more excited for people to hear. We really extended ourselves on this record and are trying really hard to be bold and fresh and give listeners something truly unique to get down to.

Other than that, we are just playing live as much as humanly possible in preparation for a potential, short tour in the near future… but, more on that later.

We are just really focused on enjoying every second we have in the studio and on stage, and most importantly, creating the best possible music that we can.

I noticed that you play a lot of live shows. Does your band have any funny live story that you could share with us? Also, do you have any pre-show rituals? Between the five of us, we could probably fill a book with stories about all the goofy and hilarious things we have experienced before, after, and during a show. We all have a rich history in our local scene and have been ripping gigs for many years, so it’s hard to settle on just one story to tell. You should just probably come to one of our shows to see the craziness in action 😉 Deal!

As for pre-show rituals, we don’t really do anything too out of the ordinary. We like a tasty brew(s) to calm our nerves, we like to mingle and meet as many people as we can before the show, and we have, have, have to stretch and make sure we are limber before we take the stage. Our live shows are known to be pretty wild, so we can’t afford to pull any muscles while we are throwing down.

Last but not least: Out of all the experiences you had as a band, has there been a particular one that has stood out to you? We are honestly really fortunate to be able to say that every moment we have shared as a band has been genuinely awesome. We all get along really well, we all goof off and crack jokes like crazy, and we all have so much fun being in YP. So, out of the many moments and memories we have shared as a band, just getting to know each other better and work together on this upcoming record has been the most profound. Also, our first show as a full band was with Emery, so that’s pretty cool too.

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