Band of the week 23: Kids in Motion

Introducing our Band of the Week #23: Punk rock band Kids in Motion!

Kids in Motion

Who are they?
Kids in Motion is a 4 piece punk-rock band from Bordeaux, France. After separate successful music experiences, Ben (vocals), Quentin (bass) and Alex (guitar) decided to begin a new musical project in 2016. They were shortly joined by drummer Lilian.

Learn more about their debut EP ‘Rebound’
The band released, on December 3rd 2017, their debut EP titled ‘Rebound‘.

“Take a lonely musician, a tough breakup, a lot of alcohol (classic… I know) and here’s our debut EP, called “Rebound”. You can find in it the first songs that I wrote after a trip overseas, I think it was the push that I needed to start writing again. And this is how the band was created, I hope you’ll enjoy it”, explains vocalist Ben.

Focus on their single ‘Do You Mind?’
If I had to pick one song off of this EP, I’d definitely choose the closing track ‘Do You Mind?‘. It’s a bit more pop-punk than the other songs, which is why I love it so much. The chorus is quite surprising and at the same time very catchy. A perfect mix that makes this track a must on this EP!

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