Pop punkers Cemetery Drive drop new EP

From the very beginning in 2010 it was clear that Cemetery Drive should stand for fun, passion and creativity. The goal was to write own songs and share them with others in an energetic live-show.

Cemetery Drive

The band released on December 1st 2017 their new EP “Mixed Feelings”, out via “We Are Triumphant”.

The main goal with this EP was to capture emotions in sound and words. Every song has its own emotion it should portray that is displayed through lyrics and music. We spent days in our rehearsal space opening up about how we feel and how we can put that into music. I would show them demos and ask how the music made them feel, before letting them read any lyrics. If we all agreed on it, we knew something was right and for some reason this was nearly always the case.

The title “Mixed Feelings” is intended to be ambiguous. In the most literal way this EP is a mix of different feelings that are captured in the songs. On the other hand making this record we did feel insecure about a lot of stuff. I myself tend to suffer from anxiety, thinking nobody is going to like stuff, everyone is going to judge, I’m not good enough.

I’m also a perfectionist and never really satisfied with myself. Working with other people makes it hard for me, because I have my own vision that someone else might not be able to implement. So we had mixed feelings about most aspects of making a record. We worked hard and gave it our best to make sure the outcome is something we all agree on and can be proud of”, reveals vocalist Simon.

What Happened to your Band?

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