Learn more about Cheem’s latest single ‘Kate’!

Cheem is an alternative rock band which consists of Sam (vocals), Skye (guitar – vocals), Gabe (guitar), RJ (bass) and Sean (drums).


The band recently dropped their new single ‘Kate‘, taken from their latest release ‘Downhill‘, out since October 6th 2017.

Kate is about when someone in a relationship cares about you so much and puts you first in their own life to the point where it’s making them miserable and less interesting to you. And they’ve been asking for advice on stuff and following through on that and you start to see that maybe you just gave them the wrong advice to begin with.

It’s kind of a complicated subject and I was pretty happy with how I was able to articulate it in terms of relevance to my own life but I can see how some people would require an explanation to get the meaning that I had in mind when I wrote it. It’s a song that a lot of our listeners have been enjoying and they’ve definitely been figuring out what the song means for themselves. Which is cool, because even though it was about something specific to me, people can connect to my lyrics in a very different way that has to do with their own situation”, reveals vocalist Sam.

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