Punk rockers Launch Control release new EP

Launch Control is a fast-paced socio-politically minded punk rock band from Reading, UK. The band released, in August 2017, a new EP named ‘Mayday‘.

Launch Control

This release is perfect for fans of Anti Flag, Rise Against or Bad Religion. If I had to pick one track off of this EP, I’d definitely highlight the single ‘Single Cells‘.

Single Cells is a direct reaction to the Brexit campaign we’ve seen here in the UK, and the politicising of people’s fears and insecurities. We’ve been thrust through biased media and insincere political campaigning into this infuriating, divisive, culture of isolationism, where self interest is king, hence the idea of devolving to single cells.

Everyone believes what they feel it is in their best interest to believe, and discards the rest. Sadly this clearly isn’t limited to us here in the UK, we’ve seen the rise of far-right parties in Europe, and obviously the travesty that is the US presidency”, explains bassist and vocalist Lee Switzer.

You can now stream the bands latest EP below!

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