Pop-punkers All Day up release new EP

Heading from Portugal, All Day Up is a solo pop-punk project ran by Miguel Zenha.

All Day Up

I think it makes more sense to have a full band because the process turns up so much easier. I just need to find the right persons, which is a longstanding hardly process; that’s why I started recording this EP whilst I was looking for new elements to join me. I’m still looking for musicians with the same tastes/goals as I do with this project and the future of it. I surely want to record new songs with a full band (or the same songs, with better quality) and get different ideas between the members and myself to paddle forward to the success, or I truly hope so haha!” explains founder Miguel.

On November 7th 2017, All Day Up has released a new EP named ‘On the Way‘. If I had to pick one track off of this EP, I’d definitely pick the song ‘All About‘, which is also Miguel’s favorite track!

All About is my #1, but I can’t stop saying that it’s a tough choice to make, because almost all the songs reflect the same state of mind. That’s also why I chose it as the first song on the EP, so I can awoke the interest to listen to the other ones. As a listener’s perspective, I think that it’s a fun song to listen to, with some ups and downs along the track, breakdowns and an acoustic part in the middle of the song”, states Miguel.

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