Story Untold announce debut album

The Canadian pop-rock band Story Untold recently announced the release of their debut album “Waves” for February 2018.

Story Untold
Credits: Dave Jdb Gogan

As a preview, the guys just dropped a sick music video for single “Drown In My Mind”, taken from their forthcoming release.

Drown In My Mind is the song that was the easiest to write for me. It’s just so personal to me and also felt like a huge relief. The past few years of my life have been hard for me on a personal level and back when I had my hard times, I wish I would’ve had a song like that to listen to that would’ve basically told me “it’s ok to feel like that”” explains vocalist Janick Thibault.

I was already a huge fan of their debut EP, so I’m really excited to see what the band has to offer with this forthcoming album. I hope the weeks will pass quickly, hurry up, February 2018!

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