Band of the week 20: Tidus is Alive

Introducing our Band of the Week #20: Emo band Tidus is Alive !


Who are they?
Tidus Is Alive
is the sonic creation of Denny Ranno, a project where pop-punk and hardcore mix fearlessly together with absolutely stunning results.

Since I’m a multi-instrumentalist, I like to have everything under control, from songwriting to the sound and the production in general. Being in a band is cool, but you have to deal with other band members about everything, like songwriting and artistic direction, so when I started the project I thought that I had gained enough experience and knowledge of every single instrument to do everything on my own in complete artistic freedom.explains Denny

Learn more about his upcoming single “Sasuke”
Tidus is Alive is soon going to release its next single named “Sasuke” (This house is on fire), along with a music video.

“Basically, I am “Sasuke”. He’s the dark character from the “Naruto Series”, he leaves his village and friends to take his path and go after his purposes in order to be stronger. I feel a lot like him, a lone wolf, ’cause I do things on my own even if the kind of music I do should apparently be done by a group of people. “Sasuke” differs from “Stay Afloat” in the mood, it’s a little bit more dramatic but keeps the posi vibes I always try to bring in my music. It’s a very energetic song and I can easily say that is my favorite since I started this project.” – explains Denny

The fans will be happy to know that Denny is currently working on new materials, such as original songs and an EP for 2018. We can’t wait to hear it, here, at WHTYB! In the meantime, please enjoy Tidus is Alive’s latest single named ‘Stay Afloat‘, that clearly reminds me of bands such as Chunk, No! Captain Chunk!.

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