Mo Troper to release new album

Mo Troper is a band which consists of Mo Troper (guitar – vocals), Jackson Machado (guitar), Ben Burwell (bass) and Asher McKenzie (drums).

Mo Troper

The band is about to release, on November 17th 2017, its upcoming album ‘EXPOSURE & RESPONSE‘ through the label GOOD CHEER RECORDS.

This is my second proper record with this band, but taking into consideration the other albums I’ve made with other bands, it’s more like my fourth. You can expect a mix of very ornate pop and more lo-fi stuff reminiscent of our previous LP, Beloved.” – Mo Troper

As a preview, the band recently released a single named ‘Your Brand‘, that clearly sets the ton of the album!

Your Brand grew out of my frustration with the fact that maintaining a trite social media presence is a prerequisite for being taken seriously as an artist or a writer or whatever else.” – Mo Troper

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