Band of the week 19: Esters

Introducing our Band of the Week #19: Alternative band Esters !


Who are they?
is the new Sydney based solo project from NZ-born Tom Botting, previously of Auckland’s Taking Pearl Harbour.

“I’m currently working on my/our debut album. Chlorine is the first single, and depending on how quickly I can record them, I should have a few more singles being released over the next couple of months and the whole album early(ish) next year. Most of the songs are finished, I just have to record them all!Tom

Learn more about the single “Chlorine”
Chlorine is the bands debut single, released in August 2017.

“Chlorine is a song about growing up and realising we aren’t invincible…it’s about looking at who we are and trying to take steps to become the people we always thought we would grow up to be… or at least that’s what I think it’s about.” – Tom

Listen now on Soundcloud!
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