Pop punkers Two Trains Left launch crowdfunding campaign

Two Trains Left is a French pop punk band formed in 2016, which consists of Dimitri Benhamou (guitar – vocals), Tom Bessah (bass), Lya Mendes (guitar – vocals) and Maxence Leullier (drums).

Two Trains Left

The band recently launched a crowdfunding campaign to support the release of its debut album named ‘Shake’N’Bake‘.

We launched a crowdfunding campaign to record our first album in February with Bert and Eric Poncet from the band Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! at Alias Studio. We already raised 2130 euros in less than thirty days and our goal is to reach over 4500 euros before the 16th of December. We put a lot of energy to create this kickstarter campaign and it’s very exciting to see the awesome support people give us.

You should support this project cos’ this album has to exists ; Dimitri is such an amazing songwriter, he wrote all the songs in the album and fuck, there’s no song I didn’t shudder listening to. We really need your support, this album will not be recorded without your help. There’s many different rewards depending on which fund you make, there’s TShirts, exclusive demos and many other cool things. But the most important it’s that if someone gives 8000 euros, Tom will enroll to extreme makeover. So please, support us!” explains drummer Maxence Leullier.

I think that Two Trains Left are a very promising band, thus offering catchy pop-punk tunes that will remind you of your favorite 00’s bands. From all the songs released so far, ‘Away‘ is definitely my favorite one.

I think you should take a few minutes to listen to their songs and eventually head over their crowdfunding campaign to support these guys!

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