Band of the week 18: Record Year

Introducing our Band of the Week #18 : Post rock band Record Year !

Record Year

Who are they?
Record Year
is a post rock band (FFO Brand New, Manchester Orchestra, Weezer), which consists of Brian Gonzalez (guitar – vocals), Josh Martinez (bass), Kyle Martin (guitar) and Quin Mayagoitia (drums).

“Josh and I have been together in bands since high school and they’ve always fizzled out. *Disappointingly, we always had someone quit on us or one of the dudes got a girlfriend or something.

Kyle and Quin were in another band together and they seemed to have the similar problems. In 2013, I met Quin through a mutual friend and convinced him that he should play keyboard. 6 months later he’s playing drums. (see: *Disappointingly).
Originally, it was just 3 of us (Me, Josh and Quin). We dicked around for about a year, trying to find a decent sound, only to realize that the world doesn’t need another pop-punk trio. The songs felt hollow and we needed help.

Quin was like, “Yeah, I know a guy”. (2014) ENTER KYLE with his “Kings of Leon” wrist sweatband and dress pants to our first practice. We’d play the songs we had for him and he’d shred over them like he wasn’t really listening to us. It took a really long time trying to figure out how to mesh our individual styles, but i think we figured it out. We’re like Nuts and Gum. (together at last!).”Brian (guitar/vocals)

Learn more about their single “Scientists”
Released in August 2017, “Scientists” is the bands second single. We tried to ask Brian , the singer, what this song is about but… I guess you will have to find out by yourself, haha!

“There’s probably more than one story in there somewhere. Personally, I don’t like when bands explain songs. It’s so subjective. BUT, this is totally a spite-filled song about proving people wrong. Right?” – Brian (guitar/vocals)

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