Nothing Good releases debut single

Nothing Good is a one-man project from St. Louis that just released its debut single named ‘Curtains Closed‘!

Nothing Good

I immediately “fell in love” with this single from the very first seconds. This is exactly the type of song/band I love listening to all day long, and for a debut single, Nothing Good did really good! I love the fact that Kerry is releasing everything all by himself, which makes this song even better.

“Curtains Closed is a jab at the bar and club scene many of us would recognize – typically younger men and women on weekend nights looking to take someone home for the night, often for negative and unhealthy reasons. The song chronicles a night that many live over and over: drinking heavily, staying out late, and looking for that one person (“they close you down like they aughta do / and so now you say you’re heading to the next stop baby / but it’s half past three, and it’s an empty street”), while others happily disregard the lifestyle.” – Kerry

The writing and preproduction on Nothing Good’s debut album is complete, and is currently in the process of recording. We can indeed expect it to be released early 2018, and I really can’t wait to hear it!

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