Toronto’s Bad Buzz releases debut album

Toronto’s Bad Buzz has released their first full length album, ‘Far From Home’, on September 29th. This follows the bands debut self-titled EP released in the spring of 2016.

Bad Buzz

Inspired by the sound of skate punk bands such as Millencolin, NOFX, and Gob, the Toronto natives came to life in the summer of 2014. Originally a 3 piece consisting of Ross Carvelli (guitars – vocals), Andrew Laurie (bass), and Tristan Loria (drums), the band added fourth member and second guitar player, Troy Fullerton in 2015.

“Our debut LP Far From Home came together over a 6 month writing period, with the exception of “Wimp” and “This Ride Tonight,” which we originally wrote for our self-titled EP released in early 2016. We teamed up with Hamilton-based producer Matt Gauthier, who worked with frontman Ross Carvelli and his former band Brews Willis on their last release. We recorded at Boxcar Sound Recordings in May, and Gauthier mixed and mastered it through the summer. It was released on vinyl on September 29th, 2017.

The album pays homage to the punk and alt-rock we listened to in the 90s that helped shape our formative years as musicians. It’s music that we never abandoned as the broader musical landscape shifted, and it’s certainly weaved into the songs on the record. The tone of the record also reflects the music of that time, in that it doesn’t take itself too seriously. We have some hard, in-your-face songs like “Without You” and “Wait For Me,” but then we have more lighthearted songs like “Wimp” and “Slipping Away,” for which we made a music video. That mix of tone and influences resulted in a record that doesn’t just live in the punk rock realm. We like the idea of appealing to people with a range of musical tastes, because why not? As a band, we have quite the range, and we feel that you can write a cohesive record that welcomes fans from all over the rock and roll spectrum.” – Bad Buzz

If you’re into catchy guitar riffs, you should definitely listen to their single ‘Wimp‘!

“Wimp is a story about a weak and unattractive, yet wealthy man who ends up winning over the girl of his dreams. Of course, this girl was dating someone who was physically stronger and better looking than him. Brains don’t always beat brawn in the fight for courtship, but when they do it’s certainly worth writing a song about!” – Bad Buzz

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