Band of the week 17: Dearheart

Introducing our Band of the Week #17 : Emo rock band Dearheart !


Who are they?
is a Seattle-based post-emo rock band which consists of Steven Denler (vocals / guitar), Craig Suede (guitar / back-up vocals), Greg Olson (bass) and Ezekiel Lords (drums). Billing itself as post-emo, Dearheart takes the emotional rawness of emo music and refines it into a more progressive, fuller package.

Learn more about their debut EP “Temporary Emotions”
Released on October 17th 2017, “Temporary Emotions” is the bands debut EP, composed of 5 tracks.

“Temporary Emotions is a journey through an array of emotions that impact us in and outside of relationships. More specifically, it is a journey from hope to despair. The first song, Same New Love, begins the journey with a look at the emotions surrounding hope. It looks at the process of risking in order to pursue a belief that things can work out for the better. The second track, Like You Mean It, looks at the anxiety within a relationship when one is uncertain where things stand. The third track, Nightmares, takes a look at fear — specifically the fear that we will experience in current relationships the harm we have experience in the past. The forth track, Echoes, engages depression and the feeling of being hollow and empty, yet also overwhelmed. The final track, The Inevitable Collapse of a Good Thing, acts as the antithesis to the first track. It engages the emotion of despair, which is the absence of hope. That moment when hope dies and you realize all was for naught.

Much of this EP came about by my (Steve) own therapeutic process; engaging with and working through all of these emotions. As a practicing mental health therapist myself, I know the importance of normalizing intense emotions, and knowing that you’re not alone feeling this or that way. My hope with the music we write is that we can put to words emotions that others may be experiencing but not yet have words for. That the songs can serve as a catalyst to knowing that “someone else feels the way I do” and that, ultimately, it’s okay to feel the way we do. That even the most intense emotions are temporary.

The EP (which was originally recorded as demos in our drummers spare bedroom — but produced as an EP), is a small selection of our song catalogue and a preview of our full length EP that will (hopefully) come out next year.” – Steve

Focus on their single ‘Echoes’
Echoes is the forth song on the EP and engages the emotion of depression. I wrote this when I went through a depressive episode and the best way I could explain the way I was feeling was that I was in an empty, cold house with a hallway that had doors I refused to open because behind each door were storehouses of water that would sweep me away. The thought of engaging the storehouses of emotions I knew were present sounded overwhelming, while, at the same time, I felt hollow and empty from an absence of emotion. The song presents the longing for someone to understand what it’s like to simultaneously feel hollow and overwhelmed, as well as the longing to not be alone all-the-while sending people away and isolating one’s self for fear that no one understands.

I highly encourage anyone wrestling with depression to talk to someone. A friend, a family member, a therapist. The worst thing one can do in depression is isolate. We need people to join us, to sit with us and tell us that it’s alright. It’s alright when the fire inside won’t keep us warm. That it’s okay that we feel the way we do. And yet, even this shall pass.” – Steve

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