Pop punk band Telltale releases debut EP

Telltale is a pop punk band from Richmond, Virginia that has just released their debut EP.


Entitled Good Intentions, the record is a decent introduction to the band’s style, both lyrically and musically. The instrumentals are solid, and the vocal harmonies are a strong point of the record. The songs have their strongest points in the choruses, and this is really where the band’s talent shows.

The record has some issues, which I imagine will improve with time. Verses at times don’t have quite the same polish that the choruses do. A point of contention for me was random metalcore screaming in certain songs that didn’t seem to fit the track.

Additionally the lyrics seem to be a little too focused on one singular subject, that being romantic relationships. I realize you have to write what you know as a songwriter, so as the band ages I imagine their lyrics will also. As the band grows in their songwriting, it’ll be interesting to see how they expand their thematic contact.

I don’t want to come across as negative, however, as the EP is still a fairly pleasant listen. This is still a decent debut from a band that clearly has talent. They just need to continue to grow, and I hope they do. It’ll be interesting to see what Telltale does a few years from now. They may be a band to keep your eye on.

This review was written by our friend Derek, from the punk band ‘Amherst Drive‘. Thank you!
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