High Wire releases new EP ‘Different Places’

Chicago-based pop punk band High Wire is one of the most interesting bands to come down the wire in music recently.

High Wire

This is quite apparent on their newest EP Different Places. It isn’t a record that totally sets out to re-invent the wheel in terms of the pop punk genre, but rather it seeks to deliver the listener solid instrumental lines and catchy hooks. There aren’t any filler tracks on the EP. Instead, from start to finish, you are met with radio quality tracks that have a high level of polish.

The hallmark of a great pop punk band is getting the listener to transplant themselves into the song. The genre is beloved by fans for invoking nostalgia of past experiences and feeling like the songs were written for them. Different Places is loaded with lyrical content that is relatable on numerous levels. As the band states about the record:

“Different Places” is a collection of songs that tell a story of personal change and self-growth. It’s the journey from who you were, through the irrevocable changes in relationships, to where you are and want to be in the future. From the band’s evolving sound to the literal journey of the band members crossing state and international borders, “Different Places” is the representation of where you started, and where you are going.”

We are all on a journey in this life, no matter where we may be in our respective experiences. The listening experience of going through Different Places is a great companion to these moments. It may sound like an amalgamation of bands that have come before, but it is executed in such a polished way that the listening experience is a good one.

This review was written by our friend Derek, from the punk band ‘Amherst Drive‘. Thank you!
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