Band of the week 16: Better Homes

Introducing our Band of the Week #16 : Rock band Better Homes !

Better Homes

Who are they?
Formed in the summer of 2014, Better Homes is an alternative rock band which consists of Hayley (vocals), Aaron (guitar – drums), Nick (guitar – vocals) and Will (bass).

Learn more about their EP ‘Cardiosonus’
While Sorge, Sloane, and Gies experimented musically both in arrangement and sound, Hayls dug deep in reflection lyrically, stringing together four different episodes summing up a dysfunctional five year relationship. The fruit of these labors produced the four song EP, Cardiosonus, released in February 2017.

“Cardiosonus is our 2nd EP that was released in February of 2017. It was our first foray into completely recording and producing everything independently in our own studio on our own timetable, allowing us to explore our sound and make the best record possible. Lyrically the EP dives into the fallout of a 5 year relationship of vocalist Hayley Katarina. We wanted to couple the focused lyrical premise with diverse sonic landscapes, so we experimented a lot with the tones and sounds on each song.” – Nick Sloane, guitar/vocals

Focus on their single ‘Our Youth’
“Our Youth is about the last long relationship I had. It references our first date together, how we learned to trust each other, and how once we broke up, I realized that things would never be the same but I would always remember the relationship. In this case, I would remember it so that I wouldn’t make the mistake of dating someone like that again. He was my everything and I was his nothing.” – Hayley Katarina, vocals

What Happened to your Band?

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