Rock band Recognizer releases debut album

Recognizer is a progressive rock band which consists of Steve Cook (drums), Mike Mullens (bass), Jesse Flatte (guitar) and Mike Mullins (guitar – vocals).


In March 2017, the band entered Wolfman Studios to lay down tracks for their debut album. The result is an impassioned mix of hard-driving bombast and buzz-bin ambience that appeals to fans of indie and hard rock alike. The completed tracks were mastered at Poynter Recording by Barry Poynter (Zao, Ho-Hum, The Juliana Theory). The album artwork was provided by Filipino artist Keith Carlo Marquinez.

“We just released the album last week and we’re pretty excited about it. It’s the culmination of a lot of hard work and we hope the attention to detail and endless days in the studio come through in the recording. All the tracks were recorded at Wolfman Studios in Little Rock, Arkansas and mastered by Barry Poynter (Zao, Ho-Hum, The Juliana Theory).” – Recognizer

Showing off some catchy guitar riffs, my favorite song on their album would definitely be ‘The Opener‘.

“The song started as a simple arrangement to open our set. Once we went to a four piece, we beefed up the guitar work and gave the track a little more depth. We played around in the studio quite a bit, layering guitar and vocal tracks and incorporating effects and some synth. Lyrically, the song’s a mix of Eastern philosophy, hallucinogenics, and an incident with a raccoon that’s too involved to tell here. We hope you enjoy it.” – Recognizer

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