Introducing: Rock band A Hope Inside

I got the chance to sit down with Carlos from the rock band A Hope Inside. Learn more about the bands upcoming projects below!

A Hope Inside

Hello A Hope Inside! How are you doing? Hi! We are doing quite well. We’ve got a lot going on musically these days, from shows, new music we’re writing, collaborations with other artists and producers in Atlanta, and we’re really excited. So much going on it’s hard to keep track of it all! We have a lot going on within the band as well which we’ll be announcing soon so make sure you keep checking our site for all the latest updates or follow us on Twitter. Don’t forget to check out our new lyric video for the song Her War!  It’s on our Facebook page right now and we’re really excited about it.

How did your band get started? We kind of started by accident. Dom got a drum set and we were looking for songs to play. We started out by learning covers like everyone does, and it was clear he was going to be really good so we tried writing some music. I had old riffs laying around and wrote some new ones and before we knew it we had 5 original songs that we really liked. We started playing around town and people were excited about what we were playing, so we decided to record our EP!

Who is in your band and what is your role in it? I have to admit that it’s kinda funny to see that two kids are also part of your band 🙂 The band has been: Dom (drums), Geo (bass), Carlos (vocals/guitars), Brandon (guitars) and Cindy (vocals).

So part of the news that’s upcoming that I can share now is our band is going to be changing a bit. Sadly enough sometimes the response to having kids in the band wasn’t positive, but we’ve got too much music to write to quite now. We have about 20 riffs in progress and lots of things we want to explore. For that reason we’ve decided to move on without the kids. They will always be part of the band in some way, but they’re going to focus on getting stronger and tighter and writing their own music. Dom also started a drum cover YouTube channel and his first song is Invisible Enemy by August Burns Red.

By the way, you’re the first to hear about this change outside of the band! We’re excited about what’s coming so stay tuned!

How would you describe your band to someone who has never heard your songs before? I think we would say that we’re a straight ahead rock band that brings lots of emotional intensity to every song. We have elements of punk, metal, soul, and lots of other things thrown into a big pot. What we’re feeling is what we bring to every song and so far that hasn’t failed us.

What are the main influences in your music? We have way too many to list, but here’s what we’re excited about now: Mastodon, While She Sleeps, Trivium, Pvris and Crown the Empire.

How do you usually write and compose your songs? That’s another thing we’re changing lately! It used to start with Dom and I and would sit and try to build a chord progression out of a good riff. These days it starts with an acoustic guitar, and we start with a chord progression that inspires a good hook and then we build a song from there.

We’ve written a few songs that way that aren’t recorded yet and we people have been really loving what we’ve got lately so we’re gonna stick with that for now. Cindy and I work on most of the songs together and when Brandon gets involved it becomes something really special. The writing process has become really addicting for all of us; when we have that “there it is!” moment, we live for that.

From all the songs you’ve released so far, is there one you’re especially proud of? That’s a tough question. I think we might say For The Weary. We lost friends in high school to suicide and the shock and grief just has no words, so we did our best to write and put the emotion we felt in the song. It’s hard to write a good song with a message. It can be easy to fail but we feel like we succeeded on that one.

When you contacted us, you highlighted your single ‘Clockwork’. Can you tell us more about this song? What’s the story behind it? Clockwork really started from the idea that we all have a tendency to be our own worst enemy. You ever have that moment where you made yet another mistake that came back to haunt you and you can’t even stand yourself? That’s the song in a nutshell.

How have your fans responded to it so far? The response has been really good to that song.

Are you currently working on new songs? What can we expect from A Hope Inside in the near future? We are working on a whole bunch of songs. We have almost an album’s worth of new material but we’re trying to pace ourselves to make sure every song is exactly the song we want to write. Definitely keep in touch with us – hit our website,, and sign up for our mailing list. Follow us on Twitter @ahopeinside because we have many new things coming up that are going to be awesome!

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