Band of the week 15: Qualms

Introducing our Band of the Week #15 : Pop-Rock band Qualms !


Who are they?
are a brand-new four-piece original pop-rock band from the West Midlands, drawing together a variety of dirty riffs, powerful choruses and intricate guitar work from across a variety of genres. Formed in January 2017, the band consists of vocalist and rhythm guitarist Matt Simpson, lead guitarist George Brazil, bassist Nat Hodges, and drummer – backing vocalist Luke Hinchliffe; all of whom met in Selly Oak, Birmingham whilst at University.

Learn more about their single ‘The World Won’t wait’
The band released on September 9th 2017 their debut music video for single ‘The World Won’t Wait‘. It was producted, mixed and mastered by Matt Simpson.

“We enlisted my friend Josh to make the video but I helped out, we melted down wax and had to pour it into moulds for 1000 different letters. Between that and the melting stage for the filming, we breathed in so many fumes and evaporated wax, wouldn’t be surprised if we both have lung cancer within a year.

The song stemmed from a riff we’d jammed out a month earlier I recorded, then on my 21st birthday I was having a big wallow about not doing anything anymore and becoming stagnant. The irony dawned on me that I’d wasted that time doing exactly what I was doing then, wallowing around and complaining. So I turned that into something productive and now it motivates me to actually improve instead of just talking about doing so. We tried to give it quite an upbeat sound with a modern feel to the beat, everyone in the band added a lot to the track.” – Matt

Learn more about their upcoming projects
“We’ve got a few more recorded that I just need to mix, we’ve just released a second single called ‘Eclipse’ that’s quite a bit slower than this one with more of a build, it’s different but hopefully shows another side to the sounds we want to be bringing out.” – Matt

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