Rock band Thank You, Jan releases new music video !

Thank You, Jan is a punk rock band which consists of Matty F (lead vocals, guitar), Vinny (lead guitar), Andy (bass guitar) and Brett (drums).

Thank You, Jan

The band released on September 29th 2017 a music video for single “Sick“, directed by Ryan Sheehy and produced by Rob Freeman. I have to admit that I loved this song from the very first seconds. The melody is indeed really catchy and will for sure be stuck in your head for a little while!

“The drummer got sick and ended up not being able to make it to the shoot. Fortunately, they were filming at Matt’s aunt and uncles house. His uncle happens to be a drummer that’s been in practice for the past 40 years. So when it came to push and shove, Matt texted his uncle and asked if he would fill in. The only problem was that he was flying in from Arizona on a business trip, getting into New jersey at 7am—and on no sleep. But being the type of guy he is, without hesitation Matt’s uncle accepted. Immediately, Matt sent him the mp3 and he listened to it on the flight. His uncle got back home, slept for an hour, and then woke up to shoot the video.

Also winter had just ended, except the weather had not warmed up as much as the band originally assumed. So when they had to film the pool scene, the water was freezing. Matt was shivering up until the camera began rolling, and then forced himself to pretend he was fine.

“Poop Face” the poop emoji character playing Matts lover was originally supposed to be played by a female. She also couldnt make it, so the band thought ‘why not just have a dude play the role?’ Thank You, Jan’s bassist Andy ended up throwing on a dress and a mask and it turned out to be hilarious. We could barely stop laughing during filming to get a good take.” – Thank You, Jan

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