Band of the week 14: Go Pound Salt

Introducing our Band of the Week #14 : Pop-Punk trio Go Pound Salt !

Go Pound Salt

Who are they?
Go Pound Salt
was a pop punk trio from San Francisco that played around the Noise Pop scene in the mid-90’s. The band is now back since 2017 with a soon-to-be-released batch of newly discover songs!

Learn more about their single ‘Build It Back’
“Build it Back is a letter to a friend who had gotten pretty full of themselves, to basically bring it back to earth, rethink priorities, “build it back”, build their life better. I don’t know if this makes sense, but it’s definitely one of the more optimistic, hopeful songs off that album. Despite the lyrics being very judgmental, the music is pretty up beat and lifting. Build seems to be the song that most people like the best off that album.

There are some non-sensical lyrics in there too for whatever reason, I just like doing that, fun to sing.” – Go Pound Salt

Focus on their upcoming release ‘The Lost Tapes’
“The Lost Tapes is a collection of eight songs found on two old 1/4 inch analog tapes I found in my garage this spring. They were of a session we did in ’97 with our second bass player, Mike, and we never got to complete. Tapes were baked, digitized, and what was discovered was a session whose drum and bass performances were so phenomenal, I had to finish and put out there. We recorded new guitar and vocal tracks, are in the process of mixing and mastering, and will be out in a month or two.

The Lost Tapes songs are pretty fun. Most are in the same pop-punk blueprint of our CD, but show us branching out into cow punk, indie, art rock, and math rock. I’m very excited for people to hear.” – Go Pound Salt

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