The Take Down release debut album

The Take Down is a UK pop-punk, alternative rock band which consists of Dan Martin Brown (vocals – guitars), Gary Luckhurst (bass), Benjamin Rix (drums) and Dan Hardie (lead guitar).

The Take Down

The guys take their main influences from bands such as Less Than Jake, The Offspring or Alkaline Trio and we can cleary hear it in their debut release named ‘All Aboard The Sinking Ship’.

“All Aboard The Sinking Ship is in whole quite a dark album. The songs deal with many different subjects some true to life whilst others are complete fantasy. We have songs about gothic vampires (Daisy Dread, Midnight Bats) songs about the dangers of drug abuse (Slave to The Substance) songs about loss and heart ache (Better Days, Lost My Way) and even a half attempt of a love song (Never Follow). The songs all have a good deal of angst and emotion behind them. 

We tried to write some really catchy infectious choruses in every song in hope that people would find it easy to sing a long at live shows. The album mixes pop punk with alternative rock with some great solos mixed in for good measure. We all have different influences and slightly different tastes in music so there was alot of different ideas floating around.” – Dan

If I had to pick one track from this debut album, it would definitely be the song ‘Three Minutes‘. This track is indeed showing off a dark Pop-Punk beat, which is really nice to hear. That’s exactly the type of song I’d love to see live too… so guys, come to France whenever you can ! 😉

“One of the last tracks we wrote for the album was a song called Daisy Dread, this song is a classic catchy sing a long pop punk song which even at the early stages of writing we knew it was one of our favourites, Infact we are currently shooting a music video for it which involves costumes and a steam punk/gothic setting. 

The song is about a fictional character called Daisy who is an evil gothic vampire filled with so much anger she wants to destroy everything in her path. Even though the song is about a fictional character in a fictional world, the song can still be relatable for people that are filled with rage and sadness because people have overlooked them and made them feel invisible which can turn even thewarmest of hearts cold. Its such a fun, high energy song to play live.” – Dan

Overall, this album is showing off some great fast paced instrumental parts, which will most probably delight all my readers! Even though this album was more “punk” than “pop-punk“, I really enjoyed listening to it and I can’t wait to see how the guys are going to evolve in the near future.

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