Band of the week 13: The Overslept

Introducing our Band of the Week #13 : Pop-Punk band The Overslept !

The Overslept
Credits @ Set Vexy

Who are they?
The Overslept
is a young Punk Pop band from The Netherlands, which consists of Sem Jonkhout (vocals – guitar), Délano Ladurner (guitar – vocals), Tommy van der Leer (bass – vocals) and Daniël van den Brink (drums).

“We are four guys who grew up together listening to bands such as Blink 182, Fall Out Boy and Good Charlotte. They inspired us to start making music ourselves. Through the years we started to appreciate other musical genres such as 80’s rock and pop. Combined with our ‘old school’ influences, this resulted in our music as it is.” – The Overslept

Learn more about their single ‘Stolen Car’
After signing with 8ball Music and dropping their first single earlier this year the band released ‘Stolen Car‘. The single was written by The Overslept alongside Bjørgen van Essen.

“Stolen Car is a song about looking back at a time in almost everyone’s life where you’re young and in love for the first time. Reminiscing about that perfect night that you spent together, wishing that the rest of your life could be as simple as that night.” – The Overslept

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