The Young Alaskas release new EP!

Twins Joe and Chris Mayo formed the alternative rock band The Young Alaskas during their sophomore year of high school.

The Young Alaskas

Their first EP ‘Faces‘ was released in 2015 and featured the local hit My Ghost. After releasing a couple more EPs and singles, they finally released their latest EP ‘For What Its Worth, Im Sorry‘ on August 29th 2017, therefore building a small scene in their town.

“For what its worth, Im sorry is a 6 song EP we wrote and recorded completely on our own in our bedroom, actually. We took around 5 months to create it. To us, this ep is about heartbreak and dealing with the emotions you feel as you work your way through life. It shows how sad you can get but also how strong you can be.” – The Young Alaskas

If I had to pick one track off of this EP, it would be the song ‘Last Year Was My Worst Year‘, because of its fast beat and catchy chorus that just makes you want to sing-along and jump up throughout the whole track. But as it’s also the bands favorite one, I’m also going to highlight the song ‘Good Friends‘, because I’m pretty sure that most of you guys are going to love its chorus and meaningful lyrics!

“Of all the songs on the EP we are most proud of Last Year Was My Worst Year because it really embodies the feel of the EP and the message we want to express. It went through so many different versions until we got the song we have today and that makes it really special.” – The Young Alaskas

You can now stream the bands latest EP on Spotify or buy it on Itunes !

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