Band of the week 12: Camps

Introducing our Band of the Week #12 : Garage Punk band Camps !


Who are they?
Camps, is a Garage rock from Southern Louisiana, which consists of Jaxx, Rip, Josh, and Trevor.

Learn more about their debut single ‘High Heads’
High Heads, the band’s debut single, was released in August 2017.

“I guess if I’m being blunt (pun intended?), ‘High Heads’ is about a time I was kicked out of an ex’s parents house for hotboxing their storage room. There was nothing else to do in that town. I was super broke and didn’t have a car. I was trying to figure my shit out and I felt stuck. I’ve never been a bad kid, life is demanding and I’ve always done what I needed do for the sake of my sanity. Everyone’s got their own method of dealing.” – Camps

What Happened to your Band?