High Down release debut EP Moving On

UK Pop Punk band High Down, composed of Luke (vocals), Darrell (guitar – vocals), Joe (guitar) and James (drums) recently released its debut EP named ‘Moving On‘.

High Down

Our debut EP ‘Moving On’ allows listeners to dive into the life of High Down and truly find out who we are and why we are here. The theme throughout the songs talks about the positive things in life and moving away from any negative energy. It’s about being able to turn a bad situation into something good and always seeing the positive when going through hard time in your life.

Out since September 1st 2017, their EP received some really good feedback so far, and I have to admit that I really enjoyed listening to it as well. Each track on this EP has its own style and that’s probably why each band member has his own favorite song!

Luke – This is a very hard decision but for myself it would have to be Life Lessons. In my eyes it’s the one track on this EP that really represents that ‘High Down’ sound. Lyrically it’s the one that means most to me on the record.
James – personally my favourite is All On You, simply because it’s such a great live song and fun to play.
Joe – Making History. I love the instrumentation. It’s the exact sound I love from a band & I think Luke’s vocals on this track are great.
Darrell – The song that makes me happiest Off of our EP is Turn Me On by Kevin Lyttle. The lyrics speak to me on an animalistic level.

If I personnaly had to take one track from this EP, it would definitely be ‘Life Lessons‘. This track is at the same time really catchy, but also encourages singing along, which is really nice to hear!

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