Get to know the Emo Rock band Bukowski

I got the chance to talk to Benji Malkin-Adby, who plays in the band Bukowski. Learn more about their debut EP in the interview below!


Hello guys, thanks for taking time to answer our questions! Could you please introduce your band to our readers? Hey guys! Bukowski are a 4 piece emo rock band that resides in Melbourne, Australia.

How did your band get started? I had recently moved to Melbourne from Brisbane, and met James. We sort of clicked in every aspect of our lives, which is kinda scary to think now haha. So the next logical step in this new best friendship was to obviously start a band, right? So that’s what we did. We started jamming on some stuff in our garage and eventually convinced another friend of ours Gerard to move down from Townsville to play drums and then not long after, our long term fill in bass player Nick, became the full time last member of what now makes up Bukowski.

What’s the story behind your bands name? Although a lot of people jump to the conclusion that it derived from the popular Moose Blood song, it actually came from the man himself. Charles Bukowski is a poet, novelist and short story writer. His work is extremely relatable and inspired us in regards to our music, so calling ourselves “Bukowski” was a unanimous decision.

Could you please introduce your debut EP ‘Grow Up. Give Up. Let Go.’ to our readers? Full of angst and emo callbacks – FFO Brand New and the Wonder Years… Our debut EP ‘Grow up. Give up. Let go.’ was released in July 2017 via Penultimate Records and available on all major streaming services and physically.

How was the recording process? It was really good! Our friend Jack Newlyn (The Drive Home, Paradise Club) recorded, mixed and mastered the whole thing. We recorded drums and guitar in the studio over one weekend and finished vocals and lead guitar in a makeshift studio made out of old blankets and mic stands at home. Jack is an actual genius at what he does, we highly recommend him to any band looking to record.

I’m sure you guys have at least one funny story to tell us from your recording sessions! We found out that James loves Nickelback. He frothes it, hard. All his vocal warm ups were his own renditions of Nickelback songs. We weren’t sure if we should be worried or amused haha.

Who were your main influences for this debut EP? This EP was been in the works for years now, so we’ve been through our fair share of influences which hopefully comes through in our sound. But definitely, the big ones for me would have to be The Wonder Years, Brand New, The Story So Far and Citizen.

Which of the new songs were you most excited for people to hear? Any particular reason? I think it was different for everyone. James was really vibing ‘Twothousandseven’ which is our opening track to the EP and has since proved to be our most popular song. Our label owner Jamie is really into the title track ‘Grow up. Give up. Let go.’, and for me it was our debut single ‘You’re probably gonna hate this’.

How do you usually write and compose your songs? I’m all about everyone getting into a room and jamming our songs. However, this wasn’t the case for this EP. We found it quite difficult to do with everyone’s busy personal lives and work schedules so what usually happened was we would write the parts individually, record rough demos at home and piece everything together slowly, to the point where we were still writing parts in the studio.

Deep question for the last one: If not music, what would you guys be doing? Haha, working an average job and enjoying everyday life. As boring as that sounds, for me, I crave stability and I’m envious of people who have stability in their lives. A lot of my friends are now moving on to that next chapter in their lives, they have kids, good jobs, their own houses. I feel if I wasn’t doing music, that is what I would want.

However, I wouldn’t be in my position I am now without music. The places I’ve been, the people I have met, all my mates and ofcourse my wife! And it has all been because of music and I am forever grateful and wouldn’t change a thing. Is that deep enough? Haha.

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