Introducing : Fuzz rock trio Weakened Friends

I got the chance to talk to Sonia from the rock band Weakened Friends. Learn more about the bands new single ‘Hate Mail’ and upcoming LP below!

Weakened Friends

Hey guys! Tell us more about Weakened Friends! Who is in your band and how did you put this band together? We are, Sonia Sturino (guitar + lead vocal), Annie Hoffman (bass) and Cam Jones (drums).  We started playing together as Weakened Friends in the early summer months of 2015. Really as a new outlet for writing for me (Sonia). I was writing and performing in another act that just wasn’t making me feel great, so I started what was then a small side project to remind myself how much playing music makes me happy. It was after our second or third practice that I knew that Cam and Annie were those “right people” that everyone had been telling me to find, and everything took off from there.

How did you come up with the name of your band? I was out grabbing drinks with a few friends, and my friend Kris mentioned one of his friends being the kinda people you’d only see on weekends and he was like… you know like a “Weekend Friend” and me being the total nerd I am was like “sounds more like a Weakened Friend” to me. Turns out people confuse our pun name all the time and if I had a dollar for every misspelling we’ve encountered I’d have about 67 extra dollars to my name.

How would you describe your band to someone who has never heard your songs before? Your mom would think it’s too loud”.

According to you, what sets your band apart from all the other bands in your genre? I think my voice is really weird, I don’t know if it’s a bad or good thing… I’m just pretty aware that it’s different from most vocals in this genre. Some people really hate it or find it overacted, others love it. At the end of the day, singing how I sing is how I connect with music and feel the songs, and  I think it gives the whole thing a different vibe that people tend to connect with. ALSO production, Annie is a KICK ASS sound engineer and has engineered and produced all our recordings to date. Personally I feel like the work she does is top notch and makes the recordings stand out! Oh, and Cam’s sexy looks and honest personality.

What inspires you to write your songs? It can really vary, a lot of the time I don’t even realize what I’m writing about until months after and then it hits me all at once like “oh yeah that’s what this song is about”. I recently wrote a song about a dog fight I watched happen which is probably the most far reaching my writing has ever gone.

Can you tell us more about your new single ‘Hate Mail’, out since September 1st 2017? Hate Mail was one of the last songs I wrote for a new record we’re working on. Honestly, it wasn’t my favourite at all, it was actually my least favourite song. It really wasn’t until we started tracking it and on multiple listens back that I really connected with it, which is crazy to think because I love it now! Frankly… if I’m going to be brutally honest… which I’m going to be… it’s about being in a band with people who made me want to quit music altogether. I’m happy I didn’t quit music.

How have people responded to it so far? Super well!! I’m actually shocked every day by a new write up or radio playing it, or really just hearing from friends about how they’ve been jamming it. It’s a great feeling! Sharing music is really exciting and also scary!! You put so much into it and people can be really brutal, so far all the haters have remained silent, and we haven’t gotten any literal hate mail about it. Yep… I’m the worst!

Could you please tell us more about your upcoming LP? When can we expect it? We are soooooo excited to share our LP! It’s our most dynamic recording yet, it’s a big fuzzy heart punch of sorts!! But we have 0.0 idea when that will be other than… at some point in 2018… I mean the way this year’s going  if we’re all still here in 2018.

Can you tell me if there’s a particular song you’re especially proud of on it? My personal favourite track is called “Early” we open with it at our live shows right now! I also really love the way the tracks that’ll be called “Blue Again” and “Not Doing Good” came out.

I also saw that you’re playing a lot of shows. Does your band have any funny live story that you could share with us? We opened for the band Beach Slang last month and Annie unbeknownst to her farted loudly and directly in front of their singer in the green room. It was probably the hardest we’ve laughed and the reddest in the face we’ve ever seen Annie.

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