Band of the week 11: Architect the Destroyer

Introducing our Band of the Week #11 : Indie rock band Architect the Destroyer !

Architect the Destroyer

Who are they?
Architect the Destroyer, which consists of Justin Genzo, offers a combination of subtle acoustics with hard hitting indie rock, and melodies that trigger nostalgia.

Learn more about the EP ‘Daisy’
The ‘Daisy‘ EP was released on April 28th on all digital plateforms. It was written, recorded, mixed, produced and mastered by Justin Genzo, the only one guy behind Architect the Destroyer.

“The Daisy EP was Justin Genzo’s (the person behind Architect the Destroyer) first attempt at making music he truly loved and felt happy with. Cherry Wine was the first song written for Architect, drawing influences from The Format and Death Cab For Cutie. I wanted the song to have a repeat hook and take that hook on a musical journey. the second song, Daisy was actually an old song from years ago. I came up with that guitar part and just recorded this year and everything fell into place after. The last song on the EP, Bedroom Talk is the fun song to just jam out to.

I wrote, recorded, mixed, produced and mastered the Daisy EP in my home studio in New Jersey, working with people is fun but at the end of the day I’m a tough person to collab with. My best work is always done when I’m locked away for hours on end just losing my mind with myself. “Tiny Thoughts” my full length will be released in late October, it was written, recorded, produced and mastered all by me. Genre wise the music fits into the Indie Rock / Indie Pop genre, garnering influences from The Format, Death Cab For Cutie, The Smiths, The Cure.” – Justin

Focus on the single ‘Bedroom Talk’
Bedroom Talk
, taken from the EP ‘Daisy’, is the bands heaviest track at the moment.

“Bedroom Talk at its depths is a song about intimacy. It’s about having that intimacy with the person you know you’re destined for, and in that moment you realize wow this is the one, she’s blown me away (literally and metaphorically). It’s about keeping that love and intimacy between the two people involved, not wanting anyone or any outside force disturbing it.

It was a fun and effortless song to write because the lyrics flowed from experience. Music wise I wanted an upbeat catchy guitar part in every part of the song. I feel like I managed that to some degree and felt the lyrics matched the songs attitude.” – Justin

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