Introducing : Punky band Jitterz

I recently sat down with Jamie and Beth from the Alternative Punk band ‘Jitterz‘, to talk about their debut EP and upcoming projects!


Hello guys. Hope you’re doing great! Could you please introduce your band to our readers? Jamie: Hellooo, we’re Jitterz from Leicester, and we are two very awkward people, but we make fancy punky rock n roll tunez, love Oreos, and wear some great shirts, so we should totally be friendzzz!

How did you put this band together? Jamie: We met at a gig we were both playing, Beth was playing solo acoustic, and me in another band, I told Beth that her set made my earz happy, and then she stole me and made Jitterz.

Could you please tell us more about your debut EP ‘Get a Real Job’? Jamie: We decided to record an EP last year after releasing One Good Song, and then launched a Kickstarter campaign and so many lovely people gave us their hard-earned moneyz. We chose the songs we did because they show our variation in styles and they’re some of our favez. Then recorded them in a studio that closed down shortly afterwards (definitely not cos we weirded them out so much… promise). We got amazing political artist and friend Jose (known as Alteration Corps or Alt. Co.) to do the artwork and I came up with the title in a fit of Stick-it-to-the-man-neosis.

How would you describe your song writing process for this one? Beth: I just get angry (or very occasionally, joyous) about things and write songs and then bring them to Jamie and be like MAKE THIS LOUDER PLEASE. I realise it doesn’t sound very technical but that’s because it’s not. I can’t really predict what a song is going to be about, it just falls out of me and wriggles around until I try and squish it all together.
Jamie: Well Beth wrote most of it, I helped with the lyrics on Lobotomy Eyes, that one was a case of sitting down together and Beth came up with the main riff, plus some lyrics, then I had a look through my lyrics and assembled a second verse, we structured it and I wrote a drum part.
When I write my drum parts, I’m always listening to what else is happening in the song, and aim to complement it as much as possible, while trying to push myself as much as possible, which is why they usually just keep evolving into new things.

What about the recording process? Any funny story from the studio? Jamie: I remember one of the days I brought cupcakes with me because it was Beth’s birthday near then, and I got the engineer to stall her in the other room so I could light the candles, but then the wax started dripping and looking sad, so I put them out and tried to put on a party hat, but the strap broke, so it fell off my head, basically I can’t do birthday surprises.
Beth: It was mega cute though. And on the recording process side, we very keen to capture the live feel and not overcomplicate it. If we had unlimited money I’d record all old-school and analogue because the 60s sound makes my heart melt.

What do you hope your fans will take from this debut EP? Jamie: I hope they take the cd out of the sleeve and find a treasure map, because the manufacturers might secretly be pirates.
Beth: The map will lead them to the secret to happiness so you know, it’s worth a try.

If you had to pick one track off this EP, which one would it be and why? Jamie: I don’t know really, they all have their own style, but maybe Unicorns & Glitter, because I think that one has evolved most since we started playing it together, and even since recording it, I really love the way its turned out.
Beth: The one that goes “We will, we will rock you”. Or the one about Justin Bieber.

What bands or artists are you into at the moment? Jamie: I am currently listening to Benjamin Clementine; I think he might be a vampire, or a ghost. Also Courtney Barnett/Kurt Vile’s collaboration is just the best and their video is super cute. And Estrons, because they’re just so badass!!
Beth: I approve of the above. I am so scatty with what I listen to this is a difficult one to answer. I have been obsessed with Black Honey for forever and they are still my go to band to get me out of bed and also to make me feel like I am bad-ass. Also, Boyfriend by Marika Hackman gets me in the gut IT’S SO GOOD. And obviously speaks to my soul.

Would you like to collaborate with any of them? Jamie: Courtney Barnett! Yes yes yes!!! I think we’d both love to collaborate with her and also be her friend, because she seems like a very lovely person. I’d like to see what Benjamin Clementine does in his spare time, because if he’s really weird, it’d be interesting, but if he’s normal, it’d be funny, like seeing him spread some jam on toast (raspberry). And I’d love to support Estrons; I think their sound is perfect as is.
Beth: I am not cool enough to collaborate with anyone but I’d happily like tell them how good they are and make them tea and perhaps play the tambourine.

And to finish… What’s up next for your band? Jamie: I’m moving to Manchester for uni, so I’m gonna try and find us gigs up there, and then I think the plan is to write and record a rock opera about a woman called Susan who works in middle management, and subsequent world-domination, then a nice sit down and a cup of tea.
Beth: That’s the plan Stan.

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