Hightower release new album CLUB DRAGON

For those who don’t already know them (is that possible?), HIGHTOWER is a Punk Rock band from Paris, France, which consists of Attila (vocals), Alexis (bass), Benjamin (guitar), Jérémie (guitar) and Romain (drums).


After a huge success with debut album, the French punk rockers have announced the release of their next album Club Dragon for September 15th 2017, through KROD Records & JOE COOL Records. This album was once again produced by Steve Evetts.

When it comes to the songs the guys are especially proud of on the record, Romain and Attila both have different opinions.

Romain: As I am really involved in the writing process, I would say that I am proud of each songs, but I really enjoyed working on “Hedonic treadmill. It’s the first time we wrote a “slow rock song” with a ternary beat. Too bad Jérémie doesn’t want to play it live.

Attila: For me it’s always the details. I wouldn’t pick a song, but I’m definitely looking for some moments (like the bell in “To The Hole”) when I’m listening to the album. Of course, I’m proud of “The Party” for example because I sing almost from the start to the end, but I like to concentrate on the drums.

Their new record CLUB DRAGON is now out everywhere, so hurry up and go grab it!

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