Get to know the rock band False Solution!

False Solution was formed in late 2015 by Jim (vocals – guitar), Michael (guitar), Jack (bass) and Eamonn (drums), four friends from the Belfast scene.

False Solution

After releasing their debut EP ‘Head in the Sand‘ in December 2015, the band wasted no time and released a second EP named ‘Fractures‘ in February 2017.

If we compare the two releases, we can indeed notice that the second EP offers more mature songs, which is really nice to hear. If I had to pick one track from ‘Fractures‘, it would definitely be ‘Dust Settles‘. This track has indeed a fast beat that makes me want to jump up throughout the whole song !

Jim, the singer, has however another opinion, which proves that this EP has enough to delight the tastes of everyone!

If I had to pick one song it would probably be “In Too Deep” because I think it sums up the sound of the band pretty well with a combination of funky minor 7th chord progressions and the hard hitting galloping section with the guitar harmonies. The lyrics of this song really mean a lot to me as it’s descriptive of a struggle I’ve faced throughout my life that I’ve often found hard to communicate, but I think this song effectively portrays that struggle and not to mention, when we play it live we can really go a bit crazy with it 😉”.

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