Charlie’s Stripe are back with a new single !

The Alternative Pop Rock band Charlie’s Stripe, composed of Della (vocals), Nico (guitar), Carlo (bass) and Ciri (drums), is back with a brand new single named “Jay“.

Charlie's Stripe

“Jay was written for my girlfriend, after a year with her I was thinking at the first time that we spent together, at our first concert, and at the first time that I went to her shop just to see her.

So I remember perfectly some detail like her smile, like the sunlight coming from the windscreen, the music that we were listening and I wrote this song that sounds great for the summer, but also for these last days of it.” – Luca

The band has also recently released a split cassette (Charlie’s Stripe / Mala Vista) that contains singles “Jay” and “Waste Your Time (With Charlie’s Stripe)“, released by What’s For Breakfast? Records (USA).

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