Introducing: Punk Rock band Bare Teeth

I sat down with Tom, from the French Punk Rock band Bare Teeth, to talk about what the band has been up to since the release of its latest EP ‘First the Town, Then the World‘ !

Bare Teeth

Hello Bare Teeth. Thanks for taking time to answer a few of my questions 😉 First of all, how did you guys first meet? Hi there, thanks for having us! I reckon it all began when Greg (guitar, vocals) met Titouan (lead guitar), who had just moved to Lille as a student. They got along and decided to start a band, and eventually Jérôme (drums) joined as he had played with Greg before. A bit later, the former bass player left the band and I (Tom) was recruited to fill in… through an online ad!

What’s the story behind your bands name? Titouan came up with the name: it’s short, sticks in memory and depicts the aggressivity in our sound pretty well. Unfortunately, French people have a hard time pronouncing it right, us included!

Who are your main influences as a band? We all have quite diverse musical backgrounds and therefore diverse influences on a personal level (hardcore, metal, hip-hop, electro, you name it); but you could say 90’s-ish skate-punk is our common grounds. We all dig stuff like A Wilhelm Scream and Propagandhi, who are taking the whole style a step further in their recent work, as well as more “classic” acts like Strung Out, Good Riddance, Strike Anywhere, No Trigger

Can you tell us more about your new EP ‘First the Town, then the World’? Well, it’s got 7 tracks and an acoustic bonus, and it came out on May 19th on several labels around the world. We had the chance to work with Trevor Reilly (A Wilhelm Scream) and his father Joe for the mixing/mastering, and Steve Rawles (Belvedere) provided awesome guest vocals on one of the songs.

I could describe it more, but your best option is to go listen to it on the Internet or order a CD/vinyl from us and make up your mind! You can do both on our Bandcamp page 😉

You’ve received some good feedback so far. How do you feel about the good reception that you have earned since the release of your EP? As for me, Bare Teeth is the first “serious” band I’ve ever been in, so this EP is the first record I’ve ever worked on. That itself is pretty satisfying, but meeting people telling you they listened to the EP and enjoyed it is beyond what I expected. It’s so cool to see people feeling good when listening to what you do!

From all the tracks you’ve released so far, is there one you’re especially proud of? Why? My favorite one is personally Behind the Wall! Thank you! I like Behind The Wall a lot too, because of the real-world thinking of its lyrics, but also because of its catchiness: it actually is one of the poppest songs on the EP, but it doesn’t strike you immediately.

I know that you plan on releasing new music videos later this year. Can you please tell us more about it? We’re currently working on that, it’s true! Unfortunately, I’m unable to give out details right now. You will have to stay tuned… but I promise you will hear about it pretty soon!

I know that you try your best to tour across the world to promote your band and be close to your fans. Does your band have any funny live story that you could share with us? We went to play five shows in the UK in July, and the crowd there is absolutely crazy! It’s always nice to see some human pyramid action taking place right in front of you when you’re playing. English folks are really into your show and loudly supportive, and we had the best of times there!

Out of all the experiences you had as a band, has there been a particular one that has stood out to you? I couldn’t really pick one particular moment, but being on the road to tour abroad has the huge advantage of allowing you to discover new countries: when you’re done getting your stuff off the van and start walking around in a gorgeous city you had never been to before, knowing it is different from what you saw yesterday and what you’ll see tomorrow, it makes amazing memories. The drawback being it gets harder every time to know which one would be the best to live in…

Last but not least… What’s up next for Bare Teeth? We’re working on new songs, and would like to get started on recording our first full-length album as much as possible. We are also considering touring in several places we haven’t been to yet… Once again, stay tuned for more!

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