Band of the week 09: Eighth Day

Introducing our Band of the Week #09 : Alternative band Eighth Day !

Eighth Day
Credits : Alice Lopez

Who are they?
Eighth Day is an alternative rock band which consists of Allison (vocals), Dean (guitar), Daryl (guitar), Aaron (drums) and Mark Kelley (bass).

Learn more about their debut LP
Eighth Day have released their debut LP ‘Into the Desert‘ back in August 2017.

“In 2014, we recorded a demo EP in a friend’s basement. After receiving good reviews, we decided to take our band to the next level and record a full-length album at a professional studio. This studio took a little bit longer than anticipated, but the finished album was worth the 2.5 year wait. We’re very happy with the sound. Additionally, putting this album behind us allowed us to move forward and write new music.

Allison and Daryl shared the lyrics while Daryl handled most of the arrangements. There really is no underlying theme among the songs, and we didn’t premeditate what kind of “sound” we were going for. But, all the songs on this album are solid; they have catchy melodies, truthful lyrics, energetic beats, and lots of excellent guitar work.

“Breaking Free” is one of the good songs to look for on the album. While the lyrics convey a message of heartbreak, it’s an overall fun and upbeat song. Influenced by A Day To Remember and Blink-182, the song is signified by heavy guitar riffs, vocal harmonies, and lots of guitar and drum solos.

“Can’t Stop” is another song of interest. Aaron wrote this song during basic training for the National Guard. It’s about missing his wife and family home. Allison’s vocals shine, and the drums really break through.Daryl

Focus on their single ‘Whats the Point’
What’s the Point is a track off of the album “Into the Desert“. We released it early to build some hype for the album release. We chose this song, not only because it’s one of our favorites to perform, but also how it fully crescents to the end. Sounds like a mixture of Paramore sprinkled with Michelle Branch. It’s about a guy Allison knew in college. He was a nice guy but wasn’t serious. She thought, “What’s the point of dating someone, and possibly falling in love with them, when they aren’t serious, nor looking for any commitment?”. It’s just a recipe to get hurt.” – Daryl

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