Introducing : Alternative band Story Untold

It is not every day that I have the chance to interview one of my favorite bands… I am very proud to say that I’ve been able to interact with the band Story Untold to talk about their new single, and their upcoming album !

Story Untold

Hello Story Untold. Thank you so much for doing this interview with WHTYB. Could you please introduce your band to my readers? Yes! We are a rock alternative quintet from Montreal Canada.

I personally know how you guys put this band together as I’ve been supporting you since Amasic. But I’ve always wondered: What’s the story behind your bands name? What does “Story Untold” represents to you? Story Untold was a new beginning for us. When we were called Amasic, we would put out covers and originals. The thing is that we didn’t wanna be labeled as a cover band and since there was plenty of covers from us under the name Amasic, we decided it would be a smarter move for us to change the band’s name to Story Untold. Our lineup also changed and we felt like it was an obvious choice for us to change the name.

You recently released your single ‘Delete’ ahead of the release of your upcoming album. What’s the story behind this track? It’s the story of someone who can’t let go a relationship after a breakup. Basically someone who’s trapped in the past but that person clearly knows that going back to that relationship is toxic.

How have people responded to it so far? I heard it and I absolutely loved it. Great job! Thank you! Yes the feedback has been amazing so far! We went on tour about a month ago and people were singing along, it felt really good!

How different is your upcoming debut album going to be from your debut self-titled EP? Good question! The first EP was really pop punk influenced compared to the upcoming album. It’s gonna be a lot darker but there’s still some pop punk anthem on it.

Is there a particular song you were especially proud of on this debut EP? My favorite one was fore sure History. I remember buying your CD and jamming to this track for WEEKS in my car… And I’m actually serious haha. Wow thats awesome! I think we’re all really proud of “History” too! “Give Up On Us” was also a step forward for the band since we haven’t really put out anything heavy or dark as that song in the past.

What about your upcoming album? Can we already know if you have a favorite song on it? If so, which one is it and why? No! There all very good in there own way. It’s really hard to pick a favorite song!

I’m sure you guys have at least one funny story to tell us from your recording sessions. Not really to be honest, in the studio, it tends to get pretty boring actually lol. We have a couple of crazy stories but they all happened while we were touring.

What or who influences the music that you write? I have to say Green Day, Simple Plan, Bullet for my Valentine and Blink 182.

Do you plan on touring this year to promote the release of your upcoming album? ‘WHTYB’ is indeed a webzine/PR agency based in France. You guys should plan a show over there! Yes we would love to! Since we are from Quebec you guys are our cousins right?! We should arrange a family visit!

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