Pop-Punk band Marigold releases new EP

Marigold is a power-pop-punk band from Hamilton/Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, which consists of Carlos (bass – vocals), Josh (guitar – vocals) and Ellixs (drums).


The band released back in July 2017 the first single ‘Trying‘, taken from their debut EP “Time of Death“, out since August 18th 2017.

Trying” was a huge turning point for our band. The recurring theme of our EP is death, but not just death of one’s life. This album was never supposed to be made. We were all going to quit and leave this behind, our band was gonna die early. We rode through the struggles. This is a song that goes to anyone who’s had the misfortune of dealing with fake friends and assholes.” Marigold

Time of Death is a self-described love-letter, about “the cyclical nature of life that intertwines and always ends with death, as seen through our family, our friendships, our careers, and our relationships.” Influenced by sounds from Blink-182 to modern day acts such as The Wonder Years, this album is about an unknown young adults start to begin to experience, the loss of life and its effects on everyone they know.” – Marigold

The guys are currently planning shows throughout Ontario and beyond, and wrapping up completion of their debut LP. If you’re into Pop-Punk, you should definitely keep an eye on this band!

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