Band of the week 07: Druggist

Introducing our Band of the Week #07 : Punk band Druggist !


Who are they?
have been releasing albums and touring completely independently since May of 2006. Their albums and live shows combine catchy, melody-focused compositions with high-energy instrumentation.

Learn more about their sixth album “Juvenoia”
Their sixth album “Juvenoia” was released June 5th 2017. It was recorded in four countries over the course of a year and a half and features twelve songs ranging from stripped-down early 80’s-era post punk to gentle, pleading down-tempo meditations on life, love and modern culture.

“The album was recorded over the span of eighteen months in San Francisco, California, Pnom Penh, Cambodia, San Antonio, Texas, St. Petersburg, Russia, Columbus, Ohio and Tel Aviv, Israel.

The songs on “Juvenoia” range from straight-forward, melody-heavy post punk to groove-driven rock and down-tempo, pleading ballads. The album centers around lyrical themes of alienation, lost love and the search for deeper meaning.

The album was entirely self-produced in living rooms and bedrooms on three continents, engineered by the band and mixed by Blake Cormier. It was mastered by Tape Op Magazine’s Scott McChane in Alameda, California.” – Blake

Focus on their track ‘Metamorphose or Calcify’
“I feel like the third track “Metamorphose or Calcify” represents the album well both musically and lyrically. The lyrical themes of the album revolve around feeling alienated by both internal, existential aspects of life as well as popular culture. Musically, there’s a lot going on. The song is musically different than many of the more straight-forward “rock” tunes on the record, with it’s hypnotic beat and layers of guitars, but sticks to the melody-forward pop format.

It’s a good representation of what happens when one of us shows up with a riff, then we work out a structure live with drums and guitars, then vocal melodies, lyrics and guitar counter-melodies come in the mixing process while we’re fleshing out the mood of the song.” – Blake

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