Introducing : Harmful If Swallowed

I got the chance to sit down and talk to the SoCal punk-rock trio : Harmful If Swallowed ! Learn more about their new single and upcoming EP in the following interview.

Harmful if Swallowed

Hello guys. Thanks for taking time to answer my questions. How are you all doing?
– Great, Awesome, stoked, thanks for having us…

Could you please introduce your band to our readers?
– Yes, We are Harmful If Swallowed from SoCal!

What do you think sets you apart from any other band out there?
– Our music is so diverse that we can sit on a shelf with punk bands and on the other shelf with aggressive rock bands. We never stop trying to reinvent ourselves!

Could you please introduce your upcoming EP ‘Sleepless’ to our readers?
Sleepless is this band’s masterpiece to date. I feel our listeners are going to hear a different side of H.I.S. Sleepless, delves deeper into what lurks inside all of us and how we deal with expressing our thoughts and emotions.

How did you settle on a name for this release?
– We had a few ideas for this EP, The title Sleepless, was always a contender, but when Greg started writing the rest of the EP, it just seemed to fit the best with what he was writing about.

Who were your main influences for this EP?
– For me, Brooks Wackerman. Love hi style and his aggression.
Carlos – I was listening to a lot of Billy Sheehan. I wanted to give my bass playing a lot more attitude.
Greg – I have to start with the formula, the foundation and that has always been Bad Religion. But then I started listing to Trust Company and Linkin Park, I really felt these 3 bands influenced my writing and collaborating.

How was the recording process? Any funny story from the studio?
Greg – Studio was awesome as always. If I had my choice I’d live in there!! We always have a great time in the studio bouncing ideas off one another and having Ryan Greene as our director, he made it even more amazing. Here’s a great one. I’m doing vocals and asking Carlos what he thought, I heard no response so I ask Ryan is he in the control room? Ryan’s like, “um Greg, he’s asleep”. I’m like, “YEESSS!!!” (laughing).
Carlos – I had a great time. The 3 of us never have a dull moment. There was a moment when Greg was laying down vocals and I had a great idea for a hook. I ran to tell him and as soon as I got there I completely forgot what I was going to tell him… (laughing) It’s stuff like that we could trade for anything.
Jay – Incredible for me. Loved working with Ryan. He pushed me further then any producer ever has. This was my first time in the studio with Greg and Carlos so watching them goof off, while Ryan and I were going over drum patterns was really hard for me to concentrate. So eventually Ryan threw them out of the room… (laughing) That was a long day mate!

What’s the story behind your new single ‘Blame’?
– Greg?
Greg – ‘Blame’ expresses the darker side of a relationship. And the struggles that one can go through if they are not happy.

Do you plan on touring a little bit to promote the release of your upcoming EP?
Jay – Yup! We have a tour set for this September. Oops! Did I let the cat out of the bag? (laughing)

Apart from the release… What’s up next for your band?
Jay – We’re always busy writing new material even when we rehearse the set for a live show, we always make time for our new material too.
Greg – To elaborate a little more, you’re just gonna have to follow us, cause you never know what’s up next… hint… hint…

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