Introducing : Indie Rock band Vermicious Kind

We’re back with a brand new interview with the Indie Rock band: Vermicious Kind !

Vermicious Kind

Hey guys. Thanks for taking time to answer our questions. Could you please introduce your band to our readers? Absolutely! This is a group that began as a kind of recording project for myself (Owen) in Pittsburgh, PA in June. I had been playing these songs acoustically for a while, but never got comfortable with my voice and the presentation. One day, I decided to sit down and try to mess with the tempos and add some electric, and while I liked that much better, my voice still wasn’t cutting it. I found I was having a blast just tracking the bass and guitar and having friends help out, but still, I was trying to sing, and my voice sounded even worse trying to belt out the tones I was searching for. Finally, I found a friend of a friend, Kylee to sing, and it just felt right! So for now, Owen is playing the songs, and Kylee is singing the songs and we’ve been accompanied by a bunch of friends, whenever possible.

How did you come up with your bands name? I (owen) loved Roald Dahl books as a child. Like so many of my class mates, his stories captured my imagination. We would have story time, in second grade, and I remember my teacher mentioning that there was a sequel to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory that I’d never even heard of. I could not get it in my hands quickly enough. In that book there are these shape-shifting alien-ish, monster-ish bad guys called “Vermicious Knids” and for some reason, that idea just jumped out.. like okay, vermicious, that sounds kind of ferocious and perhaps a bit aggressive (most akin to the music now, than when it was acoustic) .. and while I’m not a Vermicious Knid.. maybe there’s a little Vermicious in there.. Maybe we’re the vermicious kind of folk.

What do you think sets you part from other Indie Rock bands? It’s hard to say. I mean, I often think of it as “what flavor do you like the most?”.. to me it’s whatever is perfect for the moment. Everyone is different and everyone has a flavor, and maybe it’s not so much about the million bands being set apart so much as just “this band is perfect for the moment, right now” and that maybe we all have our moment. Sometimes I fight that urge to compare myself to other writers and feel so terribly insignificant because maybe they can do things that I can’t.. or maybe they suit my mood more than even I suit my own mood.. or can express a line of wisdom in a more eloquent way than I could ever hope to, but it gives me a tremendous amount of comfort to be my flavor, and know that on the right day, someone is going to press play, and my song will just be perfect for them, at that moment… that I’ll be the right flavor for just that 4 minutes. Honestly, if you can only be that for one person, when they really need it, well that’s all anyone could want.

Who are your main influences? It’s such a cool time right now because I can be comfortable saying anything from Rancid to Tom Petty and not have to feel like I’m trying to sound a certain way. I think there have been times where I felt like I needed to give the right answer to this question, but I feel grateful to say literally just that. Tom Petty, Rancid, Ryan Adams, MewithoutYou, Brand New, David Bazan, Tom Waits… and a hundred million more.

What is your songwriting process? A lot of time it starts on a Gibson J-15.. I’ll write an entire song very quietly, and think about the melody and the ideas… and I’ll just kind of blurt it out in one sitting… then I think about what works about it.. if it’s right.. If it’s not I’ll put it in the “no box” and it’ll sit there until I need a spare part.. Sometimes I’ll write a song that works, but needs something.. a hook in the bridge, or whatever,  then I’ll dig through the “no box” to find maybe an old chorus.. or a cool line… otherwise, I just kind of sit down and write a song in a quiet room. The one funny thing I’ve noticed is that I have to write them in time. If someone breaks my heart, I’m usually too busy lying in bed to try to get anything out. It always comes out months later. I wonder a lot if that’s good or bad.

When you contacted us, you highlighted your track ‘Warmer Weather’. Can you tell us more about it? I’ve been kind of running with that because as I was getting Kylee to sing each song, I’d record them all on my mac.. then send it to her.. in 1-2 days, she’d send it back… Warmer Weather was the very first one that she was like “I REALLY LIKE THIS ONE” so yeah, she kind of chose it for me. It was extremely helpful because it saved me the thought of “Do any of these especially work?”  – I got to have the opinion of an outsider, who happened to also be an insider.

Do you have any plans of going into the studio this year? I actually have a lot more songs that I’d written on acoustic that I’d like to try to work on, so definitely. It’s hard sometimes to figure out the dynamics of it all. To take something small and make it something else, but it’s been very fun for me.

Out of all the experiences you had as a band, has there been a particular one that has stood out to you? I think the thing that really stands out to me is just the joy of creating now. I think in bands we spend a lot of time, every one of us.. trying to create a thing.. and make things happen, and make waves and have things going on.. and that’s totally awesome, but for right now, I’m really loving the idea of just the reward being inside of the work itself, which is something that honestly never sunk in before now, and I’m truly disappointed in myself for getting caught up in band politics and shows and politics when I should have just stayed true.. and right now, I’m just being true to the little joys I felt when I first picked up a beat up, old guitar.  

What’s up next for Vermicious Kind? 🙂 Right now, it’s all about the recording. I have a lot of material and no proper loud recordings and I just want some really loud recordings.

As an aside, thank you so much for just the opportunity to be heard.. as just a tiny little recording project, that very suddenly became a rock band.. it meant the world to me to have had it heard and cared about. (My pleasure 😉  Val)

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