Band of the week 06: Hey Girl Slow Down

Introducing our Band of the Week #06 : Punk band Hey Girl Slow Down !

Hey Girl Slow Down

Who are they?
Hey Girl Slow Down
is a Punk band from Brooklyn, NY, which consists of Mike Bogdanowicz, Jake Goldin, Cory Haberman and Stephen Ranellone.

Learn more about their latest EP
“I wanted to promote Tumbling Down the Up Escalator, our latest EP, as “the soundtrack to your quarter-life crisis.” It’s become common to view your twenties are a time for self-discovery, but sooner or later I think everyone hits a wall where they’re like, “Oh, shit. Time doesn’t stop moving.” You feel like you need to commit to something and start actively living your life, and you start thinking about how much time you’ve wasted already…

We air out those anxieties with a sense of humor. There’s a lot of wordplay and goofy imagery, but the songs are still focused and relatable. The music itself is fast and riffy, and a lot catchier and more accessible than our previous releases; there’s definitely a glaze of 2000s-era punk nostalgia, though it wasn’t really intended. It just feels like we’ve refined our music to better showcase Hey Girl Slow Down’s sensibility. The songs feel a lot more self-contained and satisfying.” – Hey Girl Slow Down

Their new single ‘Alvin’
“We wanted to share “Alvin,” the EP’s closer, because it embodies the spirit of Tumbling Down the Up Escalator. Despite its bleak subject matter – feeling like you’ve invited or earned loneliness – it’s a fun little pop song with amusing lyrics (“My Jiminy follows me / Stumbling drunkenly between / Confession and catty remark / Like a desperate white girl on New Year’s Eve”). As with the other songs on Tumbling, there are a bunch of aggressive riffs and rhythmic change-ups that keep “Alvin” dynamic and engaging. Also, we interpolate “The Sound of Settling” by Death Cab for Cutie and the Alvin & the Chipmunks Christmas record in one song, which somehow feels very representative of Hey Girl Slow Down.” – Hey Girl Slow Down

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