Alternative band Sally Chicane releases new single!

Sally Chicane is a four piece band from Canberra, Australia. The band was born in late 2014, when songwriters Kristy and Michael began writing music together. With a promising arsenal of songs, they enlisted friends Andrew on bass and John on drums.

Sally Chicane
Credits : Sophia Photography

Sally Chicane were back in the studio in February 2017, and their new single “Wanna Be a Tradie“, released on August 12th 2017, is the fifth release by the band.

“[…] It’s a punk track about two people wanting to swap lives, thinking what they don’t have must be better, and generally about the grass being greener. 

Wanna Be a Tradie” was written by frontwoman Kristy Anderson (vocals/guitar), and was probably slightly slower when she first brought to the band…until drummer John Nunes got hold of it and added the frenzied energetic drumming you hear on the track! Bassist Andrew Brown holds the rhythm solidly and our guitarist Michael Tozer delivers a scorching solo in the middle of the song.

“Tradie” is Australian slang for a tradesperson or skilled labourer, and the cover art depicting a “Tradie” asleep in a wheelbarrow was created by the multi-talented John Nunes and his wife Bessie.

“Wanna Be a Tradie” was tracked at Infidel Studios in 2017 by Louis Montgomery, mixed by Damian Smith, and mastered by Paul Fox.” – Kristy (vocals/guitar)

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