Band of the week 05: Glory Fades

Introducing our Band of the Week #05 : Alternative band Glory Fades !

Glory Fades

Who are they?
Glory Fades is an alternative rock band from Wolverhampton England, consisting of Andrew Clark, Ben Walters, Brandon Paskin, James Sadler and Nick Chalmers. The guys released on 9th May 2017 their debut EP named ‘Late in the Day‘.

Learn more about their debut EP
“Late in the Day is the debut EP from Glory Fades. It was record over easter 2017 with the excellent Dan Willett of Univibe Audio in Birmingham. It represents a labour of love and the culmination of the first years work of the band.

The EP brings together the many diverse styles and influences of the bands individulas from Rock, Alternative, Grunge to Pop Punk! It is packed full of infectious riffs, hooks and melodies that help define it unique sound!” – Glory Fades

If I had to pick one track off of this EP, it’d definitely be the song ‘Wanted it More‘, which is indeed really catchy and makes you want to jump up throughout the whole track as soon as it starts. The band has however another opinion about it!

“We all have different favourites and it can change depending on mood! But gun to the head we would pick ‘When you Go’. It was the first track we had played on BBC introducing which was pretty cool. Its a real sing a long song and is fun to play!” – Glory Fades

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