Heart for Hire – Safe Inside My Own Head EP

Fusing raw, honest lyrics with heart-pounding drum grooves and guitar riffs, Heart for Hire is a female-fronted alternative rock band from York, PA and Baltimore, MD. The band released, back in December 2016, an EP entitled “Safe Inside My Own Head“.

Heart for Hire
Credits : Liz Peterson

My personal favorite track on the EP is ‘I’m Not Here for Apologies‘. I find this song really different from the others, thanks to its very powerful chorus, as well as its deep lyrics! The band itself has however another opinion!

“A favorite among all of us in the band would be ‘Criticize‘. The song has great energy and dynamic, making it one of our favorites to play live. The lyrical content is also relatable to a wide range of audiences. Criticize was written about the end of a relationship that involved a lot of manipulation and emotional abuse. It’s about finally taking a stand against toxic people in your life, and growing from that experience.” – Heart for Hire

This band kind of reminds me of my favorite bands from the 00s, which is really nice to hear. In addition, Julies voice is indeed really nice to hear and brings a nice touch to each track on this EP. And I’m not saying that just because I’m a girl myself! I just think it’s cool to hear something different, for once.

Their fans will be happy to know that the band is currently writing its debut full length record, and we absolutely can’t wait to hear it!

“Our upcoming full length is still in it’s very beginning stages. We have been taking our time choosing the direction in which we want to go, and the first couple of writing sessions have yielded great results. Listeners can expect that same energy found in songs like ‘Criticize’ and ‘I’m Not Here for Apologies’, but with more dynamic rhythms, riffs, and more mature lyrics. Julie (Vocals/Rhythm Guitar) and Brian (Lead Guitar) have also been working with some ideas that involve more effects-heavy guitars and electronic elements. We are planning to hit the studio around Fall of this year.” – Heart for Hire

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