Band of the week 04: The Edge Of Reason

Introducing our Band of the Week #04 : post-hardcore band The Edge Of Reason !

The Edge of Reason

Who are they?
The Edge of Reason (TEOR) is a post-hardcore / metalcore band founded in Regensburg, Germany in 2012. After their EP “How Can I Drop This Mask“, the band has released its debut album “Broken But Not Torn” in July 2017.

Learn more about their single ‘Is She Worth It
“Is She Woth It is a classic women’s drama story within a young band. The lyrics are entirely based on true experiences. It was, so to speak, a kind of “Yokko Ono” case within the band. In the early days of the band, when first small successes were recorded, there was a woman who was initially the girlfriend of our singer Ro Seven. She had, however, apparently found pleasure in putting the band members against each other. Since she had no success with Ro, she approached the drummer of the band. She brought him up against the other band members through hate and intrigue. In the band there were two clans and an unbearably bad mood prevailed. The band then collapsed. It took a year and a half until the band started again from scratch.

At the technical level, the video was shot in full HD by a video company of a friend. It took two shooting days and about one week post production. Three professional cameras were used and it was made in a storage hall of a local event production company.” – Rob

Their debut album “Broken But Not Torn
“The album “Broken But Not Torn” is almost completely a review of the personal psychological suffering story of the singer Ro Seven. He unfortunately suffers from a borderline syndrome, which he has now almost in hand.

He processes his experiences and the fight against the disease in authentic lyrics. Through the songwriting and the melody, the mood and feelings are expressed more strongly. It took about two years to complete the album. It was recorded, mixed and mastered at Room4studio in Germany.” – Rob

The bands new album is indeed full of catchy verses, and strong, meaningful choruses, which is what makes it such a good release. The band is currently playing some shows in Germany, started to work on a second album and is ready to go on an international tour as soon as possible!

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