Band of the week 03: Ruben Hultman

Introducing our Band of the Week #03 : solo artist Ruben Hultman !

Rubben Hultman

Who is he?
Ruben Hultman is a Swedish cross-genre solo artist who recently released a single named ‘Balloons‘, taken from his brand new EP ‘Happy Face‘, out since July 7th 2017.

Learn more about his single ‘Balloons’
“The song is heavily inspired by the 1956 movie ‘The Red Balloon’ (or ‘Le Ballon Rouge’) as well as the animated movie ‘UP’ from 2009. In the songs released on my previous EP ‘Portraits’ the lyrics are a lot about losing your identity but knowing that the core of who you really are is still there, somewhere deep down. ‘Balloons’ is about reconnecting with you inner child and rediscovering what made that kid you once were really happy. The video is filmed by Elias Gruvberger and directed by yours truly.”

His new EP ‘Happy Face’
“’Happy Face’ is like a sequel to my previous EP ‘Portraits’, where the songs describe the process of an individual who is dealing with the aftermath of an identity crisis. The first track ‘Happy Face’ picks up at the end of ‘Tied Hands’ in which the individual realizes that the power of changing is in their own hands. The person is now struggling with accepting happiness, since anxiety and doubt has been what he has identified himself with for too long. At the end of the song, it is starting to sink in and ‘Ballons’ is describing what sparks the flame of the individuals inner child, who is dying to show him how much beauty and exciting things there is to live for.

Change is beginning to happen and the person is starting to accept as well as love himself in every aspect, and this is where ‘Distorted Heart’ starts. This song describes a form of rebirth. The individual is coming to terms with his own flaws, but loving them none the less and therefore starts to also love those around him more unconditionally. He is now starting to re-align with himseld and closing this chapter is the fourth track, ‘Give Them Hell’, which is basically an open letter written by the individual to his younger self. It is an apology for all the pain he came to cause himself, but also a call to believe in who he is and a constant reminder to not allow anyone to deform that. 

The EP is written by and also recorded by me with assistance during the guitar- & bass-recording from my dear friend Jonathan Vilhelm Andersson. The drums though are recorded in Los Angeles by my childhood friend Zack Liljeberg. He was assisted during the recording process by Max Hurrell who mixed and mastered the EP. Calle Winberg, also a childhood friend of mine known as music producer ‘Retinue’ – who I have made a lot of collaborations with, helped me out with the ambient sounds/beats for ‘Distorted Heart’ & the artwork for the EP is created by Bailey Zindel, owner of Halfheart Media.”

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