The Look Back Now release debut EP !

The Look Back Now is a Toronto based Indie Pop Punk band, which consists of Michael Callahan (guitar and vocals), Elliott Gallagher-Doucette (guitar and vocals), Michael Murad (drums) and Ezra Sherman (bass and vocals).

The Look Back Now

Released on July 16th 2017, The Look Back Now’s debut EP, “DWEEB“, is now available in all digital formats. To support the release of their release, the band will be making a number of appearances across Southern Ontario, including at Riverfest Elora where they will share the stage with such bands as MGMT, Mother Mother, Monster Truck and Gogol Bordello.

Our debut EP, “DWEEB” is a 14 minute self-reflection on how we’ve ended up where we are now. Whether it’s through daydreaming about our past musical experiences, or our personal shortcomings, these songs all lean back on our exploration of how the past informs our future.” – The Look Back Now

If I had to pick one track off of this EP, it’d definitely be “Collections”. I indeed think that this track is a perfect combination between two types of music that I really, really love: pop-rock and pop-punk! This EP will definitely please a lot of people, as each song has a different style.

If people had to pick one song to listen to off of our EP, we’d recommend you check out “Running Away” – it hits home sonically and lyrically on so many different levels. Through the arrangement, this tune alone amalgamates the dynamic of all of the other songs on the EP. And lyrically, the song takes on the largest storytelling role out of the four songs on “DWEEB”. So in-turn, we are able to disguise this ballad within the vibe of a chorus driven power-pop song.” – The Look Back Now

I invite you, without further delay, to discover this up-and-coming Canadian band, which is likely to become known shortly thanks to this great release!

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